A Mantra for All Seasons

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A Mantra for All Seasons

A Mantra for All Seasons



This is the time of passages. This is the time of endings and of new beginnings.


Just ask Janus. You know, he could teach us a thing or two.


A two-faced creature, Janus was the ancient Roman god of transitions. One set of his steely eyes sat pointed eternally toward the past, the other remained focused on the future. His feet rooted themselves in the present. Janus held rule over doorways. He presided over the precipice of all changes and exchanges, the old for the new, the war for peace, the great transitions of birthing and dying.


It is for this powerful, fluid god that the month of January is named, and aptly so. For, it is in this time of year that we often find ourselves looking at our lives and the world around us with new eyes, eager to manifest changes that would invite greater harmony and joy into our environments, both internal and external. It is in this time of year that, stabilized and steadied by the cool, cold Earth and crystalline air, we find the grounded-ness to look at ourselves with greater clarity. From that clarity springs the inspiration and yearning to find alignment between our actions in the world, our relationships, the thoughts in our heads, the love in our hearts, and the calling of our deepest Self. While outside the soil and trees and sky may be frozen, within us burns a new resolve; a vision of acting in our lives with profound, clear purpose.



The impetus to cultivate positive growth, compassionate self-discipline, and fulfillment at all levels of our being is one that many of us share, myself included. To support myself on this journey, I have been utilizing with more consistency a few of the instruments in my “yoga toolbox.” For instance, I have started to employ mantras in a more powerful way in my yoga and meditation practice. Mantras are short phrases, words, or even syllables that are repeated in order to intentionally create deep focus and to cultivate a sense of sacred awareness around a particular idea or thought. We wield mantras as a tool to both develop our skill in concentration (and thus will/self-discipline) and to additionally call for our contemplative skills to surround the heart of the mantra, to create and consecrate space for the idea we have embodied within the words.


Utilizing mantra in my practice has helped me to hone in on the root ideas I wish to use in guiding my awareness, thoughts, and actions in the coming seasons. It took me some time to distill, but in the end two words have presented themselves as my mantras for the time being. Those words, Community and Connection, have become my focus.


At Centerpeace, we invite you to share in this practice with us. I will be posting my mantra on the wall outside the main studio room. The other amazing teachers and many of your fellow practitioners here will also be doing the same. We would like to offer space for you to join in with us, perhaps even sharing with our FaceBook and Twitter feeds a picture of yourself with our #MyMantra2016 board inscribed with your personal choice of mantra.




I am a true believer in the power of mutual support, and in the power of speaking your truth. I am always inspired when I see other people bravely sharing their hearts. I hope that you are, like me, bolstered in learning about the ideas that folks in the Centerpeace community are focusing on. Perhaps it will make your own personal journey a bit easier. I am excited to learn about what you envision as the guideposts to your path this year, what you are hoping to cultivate. I think we will all find that the clarity and focus that this season of Janus readies within us will make this practice all the more powerful. I look forward to hearing about your experiences, and I look forward to growing together in the coming year.



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