What to Expect – Group Classes

Here at Centerpeace, we offer you a safe space for returning from the busy-ness of the outer world into the experience of the body, the breath, and the mind to find a sense of peace. Based on traditional teachings paired with current science, our teachers guide their classes through a personalized release of tension, weakness, and pain into a more educated awareness of body, breath, and mind to help us navigate our human experience.

Our teachers are certified with Yoga Alliance and participate in on-going training and peer mentoring with studio supervision. Students can expect a mindful approach to physical movement, meant to strengthen and lengthen. Props such as blankets, blocks and belts are frequently used to assist proper alignment in the poses. Poses and sequences are taught with a variety of modifications so that the beginner and the experienced student alike can safely practice. Attention to the movement and the suspension of the breath will be highlighted, as will the ebb and flow of the “noise of the mind.” Finally, students will be provided the opportunity to experience deep relaxation and/or meditation. Depending on the teacher and specific type of class, information on the history and use of various techniques and yoga philosophy may be worked into the practice.