Balancing the Seven Major Chakras

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Balancing the Seven Major Chakras

Balancing the Seven Major Chakras

By Victoria Bocchicchio


“Compassion is an exquisite balance between upper and lower chakra development”

                                                                                                                                                              –Anodea Judith


What a perfect articulation of one of the reasons chakra study is so important.   We may know that the chakras are wheels of energy within the body and that the seven main chakras form a vertical column along the torso. Many teachers, including Anodea Judith and Donna Fahri, recognize the relationship between the chakras, nerve ganglia, and the glands in our endocrine system.   Keeping the chakras open and balanced allows energy to flow freely and appropriately through the body maintaining our physical, emotional, and psychological health.

The lower chakras are concerned with the physicality of our being: our digestive and reproductive systems, our grounding in experience, and our authentic individuality.   When energy moves appropriately through these lower chakras we are able to stand with integrity in our space in the world, acknowledging our authentic emotions and engaging our healthy will. When energy is blocked or excessive in these chakras, we are buffeted about by external forces and circumstances.   We worry more about what others think than what we feel, and our will swings between timidity and rigidity. We may suffer from digestive problems, sexual dysfunction or distraction, and a general lack of self-worth.

The upper chakras are concerned with our expression, our thoughts, and our visions. Creativity flows from these upper chakras turning our experiences and emotions into ideas, plans, goals, perhaps even art. The upper chakras lead us to the light of pure consciousness and aid in transformations. The energy in these chakras guides us toward what we are meant to do.   Connected to the thymus, thyroid, and pineal glands, our upper chakras move us to act in the world. Imbalances here can make us sluggish, voiceless, and disconnected from our purpose.

The heart chakra, Anhata, balances the flow of energy between these upper and lower chakras. When our heart chakra is open and balanced the free flow of energy can heal the rift between mind and body created by much of modern life.   This flow of energy allows us to experience healthy relationships with others because we have a healthy relationship with ourselves. We can give and receive love appropriately.

Centered in the heart chakra, compassion can express itself fully when energy is moving through all of the seven major chakras keeping our system healthy and balanced.   Certainly we can see how this balance might impact our individual lives.   What positive changes might we manifest in the larger world if most of us kept our compassion alive in a vibrant chakra system?

Please join me to explore asana, pranayama, and mediation practices that help open and balance our major chakras.



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