Swiss Army Knife of Yoga Poses?

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By Lisa Thiel, E-RYT500

Only got 5 minutes and need a little yoga (or a lot)?  Try this Swiss Army knife of poses for an efficient practice… Prasarita Padottanasana (standing wide leg forward fold).



Why do it?

  • Stretches the hamstrings, calves, adductors, and glutes
  • Strengthens the front thighs and builds support for the knees
  • Tractions the spine (in both the back and neck)
  • Helps soften and release tension around the jaw
  • Like most inversions, aids circulation of blood and lymph, invigorates, and helps us shift our perspective and prepare for new possibilities
  • Helps us begin sensing mula bandha and uddiyana bandha

How to do it:

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  1. Step or jump out into a wide stance, heels slightly wider than toes, hands on hips
  2. Feel all 4 corners of your feet connecting with the earth, maintain that by contracting front thighs
  3. Gently engage the low belly & lift the pelvic floor
  4. Keep lengthening through the spine as you hinge forward at the hips
  5. Rest the hands on the floor beneath shoulders (or modify using blocks or chair)
  6. If hands reach floor, slide them back to between the feet, shoulder distance apart with palms down and fingers pointing away; press into the floor and away from you to lengthen spine
  7. Try coming back up with just as much attention, support, and spinal lengthening

Optional variations: Try turning it into a twist and shoulder opener by placing left hand on floor in the center of your gaze and rotate from the belly and extending right arm up.  Or hold on to outside of right leg with left hand to deepen the twist.  Repeat other side.

Cautions: hypertension, glaucoma, risk of retinal detachment, stroke, heart disease, or GERD/acid reflux

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