Yoga For Runners

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Yoga For Runners

Stretch Yourself: Yoga for Runners

by Kim Plough

No matter what you are training for, adding in stretches and strengthening in to your routine may help you reach your goals.  A lack of flexibility in muscles may lead to injuries, particularly ankles, hamstrings and hip flexors.  These movements won’t take much of your time and you will notice a difference in your balance, flexibility and strength.  Take the time for your body to rest throughout each day, especially if you’ve had a hard run.  If you work on your feet, take frequent breaks to sit with your feet up and if you sit most of the day, take a couple of 10 minute walks throughout the day to get your legs moving.
These moves are designed to do right after you finish your run.  If you already have your stand by stretches, try adding in one or two of these moves, too.  If you are in a hurry and can’t get them in after your run, they can be done throughout your day.  Some of the poses are meant to hold and others are for strength and you will come in and out of the poses.
1.  Pyramid Pose
Step your right foot a few feet forward. Engage your thighs.  Exhale as you fold over your legs.  Pause half way down, inhale, lengthen your spine.  Hold for a breath and exhale fold over your legs.  Your arms can reach around for your back leg which gives you a nice lower back stretch.  Allow your back to round and your chin to tuck in toward your chest.  Hold for 30 seconds.  Repeat on the other side.
Good for:  Hips, Spine, Hamstrings
2.  Crescent Lunge
Step your right foot forward.  Come to the ball of your back foot.  Keep your front knee over your front ankle and your hips square.  Stay strong in your core by pulling your lower belly in.  Inhale as you reach your arms up.  You can lean back if you want a backbend or straighten your arms in front of you while rounding your back, all while keeping your legs strong.  Hold for 30 seconds.  Repeat on the other side.
Good for:  Balance and Arm and Leg Strength
3.  Chair
Stand tall in mountain pose, feet shoulder-width apart.  Inhale raise your arms up.  Keep your back straight and engage your core.  Exhale as you sit your hips back and reach your arms up.  Make sure your knees stay behind and above your toes.  Keep the weight in your heels and knees stay pointed straight in the direction of your feet.  Hold the pose while you take a breath in and out.  Return to standing pose.  Do 5-10 repetitions.
Good for:  Leg and Glute Strength 
4.  Squat
Stand in mountain pose, step feet a a little wider than hip distance, heels in, toes out.  Exhale, squat down as you engage your core and your legs.  Only go as far as you can keep your feet on the ground.  Your palms can come to touch or you can hold your arms out in front to help maintain balance.  Hold for 3-10 seconds, repeat 3 times.
Good for:  Leg, Glute, Ankle, Back and Core Strength

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