Yoga Spotlight: Neck and Shoulder Love

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Yoga Spotlight: Neck and Shoulder Love

Using Yoga to Relieve Neck and Shoulder Pain

Perhaps it is just an occasional twinge after a long day at the desk. Maybe it is tightness and immobility upon waking up in the morning. For some, it an unfortunate, nagging pain that hinders the ability to move and act with fluidity and freedom in daily life.

According to Harvard Medical School, 7 out of 10 people will eventually suffer from such pain.

Centerpeace Yoga Therapist Lisa Thiel knows first-hand the difficulties of neck and shoulder trauma. A car accident several years ago left her with very limited range of motion and persistent pain and numbness, which was exacerbated by a career at the computer. Told by doctors she would probably have to “live with it,” Lisa devoted herself to an intensive study and practice of yoga that has eventually freed up her neck.

She found through her own pursuit of wellness that there are multiple skills and habits we can cultivate in order to help us prevent the occurrence of such neck and shoulder pain, and to lessen that pain when flare-ups do occur. Now Lisa will share with all of us some of her hard-won skills creating mobility and freedom in this critical area of the body. Please join her on Saturday, May 23rd (1:30pm-3:30pm) for a phenomenal workshop “Neck and Shoulder Love,” devoted to finding freedom, fluidity, and stability in the neck and shoulders. Call 330-346-0393 for more information or sign up at

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